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Barbara’s New Business Venture Idea

posted Feb 11, 2011, 1:14 PM by TN Editor

Your Smarts & Opinion Welcome: Barbara’s New Business Venture Idea
Help Barbara Levitov and maybe others in the same boat

Tuesday, March 1 at 10- 11am (or less time)

A question I’ve been asking myself of late, “Am I unemployed or am I retired”? Either way, I need to find a way to support myself and focus on my own authentic interests which, in turn, should create an interesting life. I have a DRAFT PLAN of an endeavor which I would like to present to you to get your feedback. The concept is in the embryonic stage but your reaction to my presentation will help me build the business plan and remove tweaks before they get out of hand. If you’re willing to hear what I’m thinking, please join me. I welcome your kind critique.