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Upcoming Events

posted Feb 20, 2011, 11:08 AM by TN Editor

Who: Donna MacLearn

When: Wednesday, February 23

Time: 10 am - noon


Networking for Career Success


Donna recently attended a session lead by noted Career Development Specialist, Diane Darling. Ms. Darling writes and speaks about the advantages of building people networks and overcoming obstacles to doing this. Donna will share her learning, insights and views about this important business tool.


Who: Wolfgang Floitgraf

When: Wednesday, March 9

Time: 10 am - noon


The Networking Summary Sheet

When it comes to networking with professionals and conducting informational interviews, do you have trouble organizing your thoughts or stating your needs to professionals ready to help you? A tool to help you through this is the Networking Summary Sheet. It’s a one page listing of your experience, goals and targets for job search. Wolfgang will lead a discussion of how to create your own summary sheet.