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Volunteer Opportunity

posted Jun 15, 2012, 11:40 AM by TN Editor
Here is a great opportunity to thank the Needham Presbyterian community and Elliott Hipp, Pastor, who have supported Transitions for several years. They provide the creative inception, a lovely space, wi fi, and snacks to nurture us during these difficult times. Elliott asks for Transitions volunteers to help with the prep and painting for a church project. The task at hand requires no skills, but just a willingness to help and learn from others. The community has been delighted to receive several lovely large scale mosaics and a stain glass pieces directly from the artist, which you may have noticed in various locations.
Before hanging the art it helps to paint and freshen up hall and foyer where these works are to be hung. It will be a fun time with laughs and comrade (remembering last year when Dave D and I painted the computer area ). Elliott is coordinating the crew and would like to hear from some volunteers. We are looking for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 22, 23, and 24, for the prep, painting, and mounting. At a later time the artist will give a talk about the pieces, which gives us an opportunity to ask questions and have an art appreciation moment. Elliott's email is deh@6cloumbia.edu. He's looking forward to hearing from you. So many thanks in advance for your support on this project. Elaine