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Your Career Line, What Does It Mean? – On Wednesday, June 16

posted Jun 10, 2011, 12:51 PM by TN Editor

We all have a career line, made up of our past jobs and experiences, but have you ever really examined yours? From your first job to your last – what were the factors that brought you satisfaction or joy? What were the things that were difficult or brought you distain? Why did you leave? Elaine Putnam will lead a discussion and brainstorming session based on an exercise you should do on your own prior to the session. 

 A little homework can make a world of difference: Begin this exercise by taking an ordinary sheet of paper for each job. We ask you to look at three jobs, so you will need three sheets of paper.  Fold each in half from top to bottom. Write the name of the job on the fold.  Above the line – write all the positive aspects you remember from the job including things that were learned and taken away. Below the line – write the things you liked least, the things you would have changed if you could. Do for all three jobs. After the series of jobs, certain aspects should stand out. You should see patterns as to what you really like. You will also see trends as to what you may want to steer away from in your job search. Bring your completed exercise on Wednesday, June 16. Examples will be discussed and brainstormed.