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TransitionsNeedham offers a variety of services to help those in career transition deal with the day-to-day challenges of job loss, and manage the search for their next professional assignment.

The Transitions Center is open Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to noon. Check our online calendar for an up-to-date schedule of events.

Target Opportunities Directory ("TOD")
The TN Target Opportunities Directory is a tool to help us help each other by matching members with opportunities. If you come across a posting or learn of a new opportunity through your own personal network, you can find the right member to reach out to to pass along the tip. If you register for the TOD, other members can help you find your target opportunity. If you want to be included in the TN member TOD, register here.

Wednesdays: Scheduled programs
. Past programs have included resume writing workshops, working with recruiters, and guest speakers on a wide range of subjects.
Thursdays:   tutorial workshops are offered for beginner and experienced alike. There's always another valuable tip or trick to learn about this powerful career management tool.

By Appointment: Mock Interview workshops including video-taped mock interviews with HR professionals.

Everyday @ the Transitions Center:

The Cafe: 
Take advantage of a comfortable seating area. Stay focused and energized with free healthy beverages and snacks.

The Office:
Access free WI-FI, office equipment, and supplies. Fire up your laptop, or jump on one of our desktop computers. 

The Library: 
Utilize available reference materials for your research. Read up on the latest trends, and gain access to employment listings, training, and local businesses. 

The Conference Room: 
Network in our group space. Schedule meetings, training sessions, and presentations for larger groups.